Fiscal Sponsorship

Giving charitable projects a platform for growth.

NPT offers comprehensive fiscal sponsorship for emerging charitable projects. 

What is fiscal sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship is a collaborative relationship in which a charitable project partners with a public charity to receive tax-deductible donations and access to a network of support.  

For groups with a mission in mind and a desire to launch quickly, NPT’s comprehensive fiscal sponsorship offers a turnkey alternative to incorporating and staffing an independent organization. As the fiscal sponsor, NPT handles a broad array of administrative duties so project leaders have more time to hone their vision and greater opportunity to amplify their impact.

What does NPT offer?

  • Administrative oversight
  • Grant administration
  • Human resources infrastructure
  • Information technology support
  • Treasury management and accounting services
  • Donation processing and recordkeeping
  • Marketing & communications support and consultation
  • Legal review and tax compliance
  • Best-in-class operational systems
  • Risk mitigation
  • On-demand strategic input from NPT’s philanthropic services team
  • Access to NPT’s network of charitable sector expert

NPT’s fiscal sponsorship model is designed to offer guidance and flexibility. Using our team of in-house experts, NPT provides fiduciary oversight and absorbs most of the risk involved in launching a new charitable project, so that the project leaders can focus on its mission. 

Project leaders can also access a menu of best-in-class advisory and consultative services as needed to scale the project, drawing on NPT’s deep bench of philanthropic professionals. Lending both operational and strategic expertise, NPT works with project leaders to customize the best support system to achieve their charitable goals.

Can I get fiscal sponsorship for a collaboratively funded project? 

In the last decade, philanthropy has experienced a surge in cross-sector collaboration. Collaborative partnerships allow individuals, foundations and corporations with similar charitable goals to work together, leveraging funding opportunities and increasing outcomes for shared cause areas. NPT is proud to have hosted donor collaboratives for more than 15 years.  

Who can start a fiscal sponsorship?

Any individual or group with a plan for a project that is charitable in nature may apply to be fiscally sponsored. NPT works with groups in every charitable focus area. Projects may conduct their activities locally or internationally.

How do I get started?

To explore the possibility of fiscal sponsorship with NPT, reach out to Andrea Rush, Senior Vice President of Philanthropic Services, at or at (215) 277-3022.



100,000 Opportunities Initiative


The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative is one of the largest employer-led coalitions in the U.S. focused on opportunity youth—the 4.5 million young people aged 16-24 who are out of school, ready to work and filled with potential. This broad coalition brings together employers and community partners who strive to connect with young job seekers, hire opportunity youth and help businesses to thrive.


The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative connects these promising young people with more than 55 nationwide companies seeking to build their talent pipeline. The partner employers are dedicated in their commitment to hire opportunity youth, develop their job skills and build their pathway to success.

How NPT Supports the Project

NPT serves as the comprehensive fiscal sponsor for the 100K Initiative. Our working relationship started with a referral from a 100K Initiative Board member who was familiar with our expertise incubating philanthropic collaboratives. Now, in addition to administrative infrastructure, we also provide marketing consultation and legal review.


The support we give the 100K Initiative allows its staff and stakeholders to focus on convening catalytic events to bring youth and employers together. With this freedom and peace of mind, they can work toward their goal of connecting more than 1 million opportunity youth with jobs by 2021