A Letter From Our Leadership

Across the nation, there is resounding sorrow and deep outrage affecting every city and state in our country – but especially in Black communities. The senseless recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery – and many others – have sparked an overwhelming response within our country, and also globally. We stand in solidarity with our fellow citizens, employees, families, friends and communities of color in responding to these long-existing injustices.

For centuries, Black people, along with other people of color, have experienced oppression and racial, social and economic discrimination. We strongly denounce these long-time discriminatory actions and pledge an unwavering commitment to fighting inequity in all aspects of American society and within our own lives.

As descendants of first- and second-generation immigrants, we both understand the ideals of the “American Dream” as promised by the Declaration of Independence and the parables and lessons we have long heard in public discourse about the beliefs of equality that the country has unequally embraced. We recognize that this promise continues to be broken for Black people. With the current practices of inequity in play, many people of color cannot equally succeed.

At NPT, we are committed to diversity, to inclusion and to standing up for what is just. We believe innovation comes from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds, and we vow to assemble a diverse staff and Board of Trustees. We pledge to attract diverse talent to ensure all voices will be heard. As the Board Chair and CEO, we will lead by example to promote an inclusive workplace, and we will apply a racial equity lens when looking for solutions.

We know that we do not have every answer and we understand that some answers may be incomplete. We embrace the need to be honest about systemic oppression, and we strive to build a fair and more inclusive future. As an organization and as individuals, the journey for racial equity will be a continuous one.

At this crucial moment, we have a moral obligation to do what is right. Throughout the nation and at NPT, we must bring a diverse set of voices to the table. As NPT’s leaders, we are committed to honoring our differences, and we are dedicated to finding a path forward – together.


Suzanne Yoon
National Philanthropic Trust, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Kinzie Capital, Founder & Managing Partner

Eileen R. Heisman
National Philanthropic Trust, President & CEO