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NPT helps donors support organizations like yours.

Connect with DAF donors

If your organization is a 501(c)(3) charity in good standing with the IRS, you are eligible to receive grants from donor-advised funds (DAFs).

You can connect with DAF donors by keeping your contact information and online profiles, such as Guidestar, up to date. Many donors research a charity online before deciding to give. Guidestar is integrated into NPT’s online DAF platform, making it easy for our donors to find you when they start to explore their giving options.

Start a conversation with donors by including DAFs in your solicitation materials. This can help remind donors that they can use their DAF to give to your organization.

Our DAFs can support your organization by:

  • Accepting non-cash and complex assets for charity. This can reduce administrative costs on your organization.
  • Processing recurring grants. In our online platform, DAF donors can select how much and how often to recommend grants to their favorite charities, making it easier for them and creating consistency for you.


Resources for Fundraisers

NPT and DonorPerfect collaborated on an e-book titled 5 Ways Philanthropists use Donor-Advised Funds and How Fundraisers Can Benefit. To learn more about how DAFs can serve fundraising professionals, access your free download here.

We also talked with Brian Crimmins, CEO of ONE HUNDRED, about the impact of DAF growth on the philanthropic sector. Notes from that conversation informed the publication Tap Into the Money: DAFs and the Future of Fundraising, which you can download here.

Learn about how a DAF works—and how it can work for you.

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