Other Giving Vehicles

In addition to offering donor-advised funds and supporting organizations, we provide other ways to give and further our mission of increasing philanthropy in society.

NPT Transatlantic

NPT Transatlantic is NPT’s international affiliate. It was founded in 2013 in London and shares the mission of providing philanthropic expertise to donors, financial institutions, foundations and charities, enabling them to realize their philanthropic aspirations. NPT Transatlantic is an independent UK registered charity and is a UK/US dual qualified charity. As a dual qualified charity, NPT Transatlantic offers donors who pay taxes in both countries the ability to claim UK tax relief and receive a tax deduction in the US. Learn more about NPT Transatlantic—and its partner organization NPT UK, a donor-advised fund service for global donors who wish to base their giving in the UK—at www.nptuk.org.


Designated Funds

NPT offers designated funds for individual, corporate or foundation donors who wish to make a single charitable gift or recurring gifts to one specific charity. Nonprofit organizations can also establish designated funds at NPT. NPT can accept charitable donations on their behalf, including illiquid gifts. Designated funds are similar to donor-advised funds (DAFs), except designated funds are established to support specific charities. In addition, eligible individuals can make a charitable IRA rollover contribution into a designated fund, which is not permissible into a DAF.


Field of Interest Funds

These giving vehicles allow like-minded individuals, families, foundations or businesses to pool their charitable resources and recommend grants towards a single issue area or a mutually agreed-upon portfolio of grantee organizations. We have managed funds dedicated to supporting breast cancer research, September 11th victims and their families, education initiatives and other charitable causes.


NPT Charitable Asset Trust

In 2012, NPT established an affiliate: NPT Charitable Asset Trust (NPT CAT). NPT CAT is a public charity in the trust form. Most gifts to a public charity in the trust form—particularly illiquid assets—are subject to lower tax rates than other charitable organizations. NPT CAT manages the entire charitable giving process, from receiving the asset, to managing and liquidating the asset, and then administering grants to recommended charities.