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Since 1996, NPT has worked with advisors like you to empower your clients in their philanthropy.

As the largest national independent provider of donor-advised funds (DAFs), NPT is happy to pass our charitable expertise on to you. Being well-informed about the advantages and benefits of DAFs will expand your own base of knowledge and help you deepen your relationship with your clients.

On this page, you’ll find resources to assist you in talking with your clients about whether a DAF is right for them, and in maximizing the impact of your clients’ giving. 

Securities Donation Calculator

Learn about the tax advantages of contributing long-term appreciated securities.

Direct contribution for big impact

There are two ways that donors can contribute long-term appreciated securities to charity. They can sell them and donate the proceeds, or they can contribute the securities directly. Many donors don’t consider this second strategy because many charities are not equipped to accept complex assets.


A DAF enables the donor to make a direct contribution of securities and reduce their tax liability. The full value of the asset is reflected in the DAF balance, making more available to grant out to charity.

How to use this calculator

This calculator offers a sense of the impact you can have with contributions of long-term appreciated securities. Enter the fair market value of the shares you’re thinking of contributing, along with your federal income tax and long-term capital gains rates and the relevant cost basis of the shares.


Finally, click the Calculate button. You’ll see a chart detailing the after-tax benefits you can expect from a direct contribution of securities, compared with what you can expect if you first sell the securities on your own.

What is the actual benefit of contributing your securities to National Philanthropic Trust?

You reduce your taxes by an extra $0.00 and the charity receives an additional $0.00.

 Contribute securities to NPTSell securities and
donate proceeds
Fair market value of securities
Long term capital gains tax paid
Charitable contribution / your charitable deduction
Total tax savings
Start Again
  1. Amount of the Proposed Donation is the fair market value of the appreciated securities held more than one year that you are considering to donate.

  2. Select the 15% federal long-term capital gains rate if you have 1.) taxable income of $400,000 or less with tax filing status of Single or 2.) taxable income of $450,000 or less with tax filing status of Married Filing Jointly. The 15% long-term capital gains rate applies to taxpayers subject to the 25%, 28%, 33% and 35% federal income tax rates.

    Select the 20% federal long-term capital gains rate if you have 1.) taxable income above $400,000 with tax filing status of Single or 2.) taxable income above $450,000 or less with tax filing status of Married Filing Jointly. The 20% long-term capital gains rate applies to taxpayers subject to the 39.6% federal income tax rate.

    A zero percent (0%) long-term capital gains rate applies to taxpayers subject to the 10% or 15% federal income tax rate.

    Please note that the long-term capital gains tax rates depicted in the Securities Donation Calculator do not take into consideration that long-term capital gain income may also be subject to an additional 3.8% Medicare tax for taxpayers with income at or above a certain threshold. Please consult with your tax advisor when making decisions pertaining to your specific situation.

  3. Cost basis is the amount of money you have invested in the shares of a particular fund or individual security. It represents the basic dollar amount, that when compared to the price at which you sell your shares, tells you how much of a capital gain or loss you have realized.

Regional Contacts

NPT has professionals across the country available to discuss your philanthropic needs.

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Jeff Gerold, CFP

Senior Regional Director | Southwest

Jeff Gerold, CFP is the Southwestern Regional Director of Development and is based in Austin, Texas. Jeff has worked in advanced charitable planning for nearly a decade. He enjoys helping clients achieve their philanthropic goals, and in the process, reduce federal income and capital gains taxes, ultimately turning those savings into gains for charity. Jeff’s experience includes a broad spectrum of charitable contributions such as oil and gas wells, real estate, and private company stock. Jeff is a Central Texas native and a graduate of the University of North Texas in Denton. In 1998, he began his career in Financial Services. In 2005, he fulfilled the educational and exam requirements to be a Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) practitioner. In 2009, Jeff earned the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® (CAP®) designation.

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Eric Joranson, JD

Senior Director, Advanced Strategies | Midwest

Eric Joranson, JD is National Philanthropic Trust's Senior Director, Advanced Strategies. Eric is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a former practicing attorney with 12 years of combined experience in advanced philanthropic planning and law practice. Eric has extensive technical experience with donor-advised funds, private foundations, split-interest trusts, gifts of complex assets (e.g., privately held stock, real estate and other illiquid interests), investing gift proceeds in alternative and private investments, specialized grantmaking services, and legacy planning.

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Ethan Burke

Regional Director | Southeast

Ethan Burke is the Southeastern Regional Director of Development, based in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife and three boys. He is responsible for business development, relationship management and advanced philanthropic planning. Ethan has more than 20 years of experience in advanced charitable planning. Before joining NPT, Ethan spent 10 years with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, working with high net worth individuals on legacy planning with complex assets. Ethan also served as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch as a private wealth strategist. He received a graduate certificate from Georgetown University in Managing Global Business and a B.A. degree in Political Science from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

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Ellen Galluccio

Regional Director | Northeast

Ellen Galluccio is the Northeastern Regional Director of Development, based in Stamford, Connecticut. She is responsible for business development, relationship management and advanced philanthropic planning. Ellen has more than 20 years of experience in financial markets. She was a Managing Director at Natixis in financial product sales and later worked on a new business process as the Senior Legal and Risk Coordinator for Natixis Capital Markets. Prior to joining Natixis, Ellen was a Director at Credit Agricole in financial product sales. Ellen also served as Vice President and Manager at JPMorgan in Foreign Exchange. She received an M.S. degree in International Relations from New York University, and a B.A. degree in Political Science from Goucher College.

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Fernando Gonzalez

Regional Director | Mid-Atlantic

Fernando Gonzalez is the Regional Director of Development, Mid-Atlantic at National Philanthropic Trust covering PA, DC, DE, MD, WV, OH, MI and IN. Mr. Gonzalez has eleven years of wealth management experience, as well as five years’ experience in real estate and mortgage consultancy, and a rich history of finance, governance, and community engagement. Prior to joining NPT, he was Vice President and Relationship Strategist for PNC Wealth Management in the Philadelphia region. Earlier in his career, he served as a Financial Advisor for Merrill Lynch, and as a Senior Mortgage Consultant with Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors. Currently, he is President of the Board for the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund, among other volunteer leadership positions. Mr. Gonzalez holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland, focusing on Finance and Global Business, and a Bachelor of Music from Colorado State University.

Jeff Gerold
Austin, TX
Eric Joranson
Minneapolis, MN
Ethan Burke
Charlottesville, VA
Ellen Galluccio
New York, NY
Fernando Gonzalez
Philadelphia, PA

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