Advise on a Deeper Level

Clients with philanthropic goals need more than basic advice.

Advise on a deeper level—and empower your clients’ charitable giving strategy.

Our donor-advised funds (DAFs) can help. With our tools and your guidance, your clients can make tax-efficient, impactful gifts for the causes closest to their hearts.

Why philanthropy?
When you start a conversation with your clients about philanthropy, you’re not just positioning yourself as an expert who can help clients save on taxes—you’re taking an interest in the causes that matter most to them and enabling them to give more. These conversations can deepen your client relationships and attract new clients who may not be aware of the charitable potential of your work.

Why donor-advised funds?
A DAF is a charitable vehicle administered by a sponsor organization. As the sponsor, National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) manages administration like legal oversight and recordkeeping so donors can focus on giving.

Why National Philanthropic Trust?
NPT’s mission is to increase philanthropy in society. Since our founding in 1996, we have become a nationally recognized leader in philanthropy by helping advisors like you have conversations about giving with their clients. When you work with NPT, you can expect innovation, collaboration and versatility. In addition to our deep experience in charitable giving strategies, we offer these unique advantages:

  • Grantmaking at home and abroad: NPT allows your clients to make grant recommendations to any charity in the U.S., and we have the capability to facilitate direct international grantmaking to qualified charities around the world.
  • Philanthropic tools: We keep you informed about pertinent developments in philanthropy and tax law changes that affect charitable giving strategies. We also offer useful tools, such as a Securities Calculator that shows your clients how much they can save on taxes when donating securities to an NPT DAF.
  • On-demand service: We offer unparalleled customer support. We have no call tree; when you call us, you reach a live person who is ready to help. We also have experts in every region of the country who can offer you in-person, dedicated support.

Benefits of a donor-advised fund:

Contribute complex assets.

Our DAFs can accept contributions of stock, real estate, tangible personal property and more, making it easy to convert complex assets to charitable capital.

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Receive tax advantages.

For gifts of appreciated assets, clients can receive a fair market value tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax with a five-year carry forward.

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Manage gift timing.

DAFs allow your clients to make a charitable contribution when it’s tax-efficient for them and recommend grants when it’s most beneficial for their favorite charities.

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Establish a legacy.

Our DAFs are set up to provide for a succession plan. When your clients name their children as successors, you create a pipeline of future clients.

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Let us help you advise on a deeper level.