Customized Impact Investing

Maximize Your Impact Your Way


You have a unique set of goals and are passionate about making a difference. NPT can help you—in both your grantmaking activity and in the investments you recommend for your donor-advised fund.


For donors who prefer the ease of a turn-key solution, our four thematic impact portfolios are an excellent option. If you want to work with NPT to recommend a unique charitable investment portfolio to support specific financial and philanthropic goals, we also offer a powerful, customized impact investing platform in partnership with CapShift, the preeminent provider of impact investing solutions.


To learn more about impact investing with NPT, whether through thematic impact portfolios or customized impact investments, visit the “Investments” tab of our FAQ page.


Donors with accounts of $500,000 or more can use the CapShift platform to explore unique investment opportunities and monitor the financial and impact results of those investments.


These opportunities are pre-approved by NPT and immediately actionable, creating change at scale with impact areas that include:


  • Job Creation: Providing capital to small, underserved businesses in the U.S. and in developing countries
  • Climate Change: Investing in North American companies that are creating renewable energy solutions
  • Refugees: Helping global refugees seek livelihoods through microfinance
  • Affordable Housing: Ensuring affordable housing for underserved communities in the U.S.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Helping small-holder farmers throughout Africa, Latin American and Southeast Asia create economic development
  • Disaster Relief: Accelerating the delivery of life-saving supplies and programs to children in Africa, Asia and Central America
  • Equitable Opportunity: Enable low-income individuals to retrain for higher-paid jobs at no upfront cost

Get Involved

To help you maintain a diversified portfolio, our impact offerings include different geographies, asset classes and sectors.


By recommending one or more of NPT’s pre-approved, curated investments—many of which are available to you at lower minimums than you would find outside of your donor-advised fund—you can align your charitable capital with your philanthropic goals even before the funds are dispersed as grants to your favorite 501(c)(3) organizations.


If you have your own impact investments you’d like to recommend, you can propose them through the CapShift platform. They’ll take care of the details, conducting due diligence to assess the investment’s risk and reward profile and its potential impact.


To learn more about customized impact investing opportunities with an NPT donor-advised fund, fill out the form below and we can help connect you with our partners at CapShiftTo read more about the funds available on our customized impact investing platform, visit Our Curated Menu of Impact Investments to browse our impact fund briefs. 


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