December 15, 2011

2011 DAF Report Released

Author National Philanthropic Trust

After collecting data over the past year, we are happy to release our 2011 Donor-Advised Fund Report.
One of the highlights in this year’s report includes a marked increase in contributions to donor-advised funds. National charities received nearly $4 billion, which was an increase of 42.3% from the previous year and more than half of contributions to all sponsoring charities.
Another noteworthy statistic is the total of $30 billion in assets under management at all sponsoring charities. This figure is important because it approaches the pre-recession high of $30.2 billion.
These numbers, combined with others in the report, signal an optimistic future for donor-advised funds. Several large national charities have already reported robust increases in contributions in fiscal year 2011. NPT projects donor-advised funds could achieve historic highs in next year’s Donor-Advised Fund Report.

Numbers in the published report vary slightly from those used in earlier blog posts based on extra data collected.