June 21, 2021

Advancing Racial Equity Through Philanthropy

Author Eileen R. Heisman, President and CEO

Announcing a new anti-racism primer for donors

Racial injustice is embedded in our country’s history. Over the past year, this tragic aspect of our story has been at the forefront of conversations in our homes and the communities in which we live, work and learn. As individuals and families reflect on how to be a part of positive change, charitable giving is only one of many actions we can take to advance racial equity.

We have received numerous inquiries asking how donors can focus their giving to most effectively support racial equity. In response, we commissioned Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland to create an anti-racism grantmaking guide. Dr. Copeland puts current struggles faced by Communities of Color in the United States into historical and structural context. She offers practical guidance for donors of all levels who wish to address racial equity. We appreciate the insights of those interviewed for this project and acknowledge all organizations committed to promoting a more just society.

NPT and Dr. Copeland are making this guide available for donors making their first grant to those advancing a longer-term commitment. We hope the guide will be a useful resource for individuals seeking to advance racial equity in the U.S.



About Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland

Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland is a scholar-activist, environmentalist, and technologist devoted to making the world a better place. Trained as a cultural anthropologist and designer specializing in Africa, South Asia and their diasporas, Dr. Copeland is an award-winning social entrepreneur, strategist, philanthropist and author, who helps leaders and organizations combine cultural wisdom with contemporary technologies to promote social, economic, as well as environmental justice and wellness for all people and our planet. She is on the board of advisors for the alternative energy company, Uncharted Power. Recognized as a HistoryMaker for her novel civic contributions, Dr. Copeland is COO of AnitaB.org. She has an anthropology doctorate and two Master’s degrees from University of Pennsylvania with undergraduate degrees from Georgetown University.

Eileen R. Heisman, ACFRE, is the President and CEO of NPT. She is a nationally recognized expert on charitable and planned giving. Ms. Heisman has been named seven times by NonProfit Times as one of their Power and Influence Top 50, most recently in 2020.

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