February 6, 2013

Charities Win at Major Sporting Events

Author National Philanthropic Trust

Whether Sunday’s Super Bowl outcome left you excited or disappointed, it was a win for charities.

Major sporting events like the Super Bowl have huge economic impacts on the host city, including their nonprofit sector. By highlighting social issues in the local community and appealing to the civic pride that is heightened during these events, charities can capitalize on the excitement and goodwill that comes with hosting a major sporting event.

The NFL, its player and supporters hosted numerous events leading up to the Super Bowl to benefit New Orleans residents and charities. Charity flag football games, pop-up soup kitchens and celebrity events were scheduled all over New Orleans in the days leading up to the game, creating new donors out of local citizens, businesses and visitors.

In addition to the events that are planned around a major sporting event, there’s sometimes room to capitalize on the unplanned moments. For example, the One Campaign took to Twitter and used the 34-minute blackout during this year’s Super Bowl to remind viewers that over half of a billion people in Africa persistently lack power.

When charities can provide services to those in need and share their message with potential donors, everybody wins.