May 3, 2019

Charities Providing Direct Relief from Cyclone Fani

Author National Philanthropic Trust

The following are 501(c)(3) U.S. charities providing direct aid and support to individuals and families affected by Cyclone Fani. An estimated 100 million individuals live in the storm’s path in India and Bangladesh. When recommending a grant, please indicate “Cyclone Fani Relief” as the purpose of your grant to ensure that the charity correctly designates your gift.

We encourage our donors to research all charities and charitable impact prior to entering a grant recommendation.


Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (EIN 52-1314847)

ADRA staff in India are working closely with local authorities to determine the most urgent needs. Funds, materials, and personnel and coordinated through their network of offices around the world.


Center for Disaster Philanthropy (EIN 45-5257937)

CDP recently established a Global Recovery Fund, exclusively for international disasters, to provide grants to local organizations. Donors may earmark funds to support mid- to long-term recovery from a specific global crisis, or general support to be used where needed most.


Direct Relief (EIN 95-1831116)

Last year, Direct Relief worked with local staff in Bangladesh to provide emergency first responder training, and they are prepared to respond with medical aid support. Hospital staff have also been provided with medical packs to provide care outside of hospitals, to address first aid needs, infection control, and diagnostics.


Heifer Project International (EIN 35-1019477)

Heifer International has existing projects in three states in India, including in Fani’s path. Their local teams are working to reach project contacts and participants to determine the most immediate needs and ensure they receive the necessary support to continue progress toward economic security.


Mercy Corps (EIN 91-1148123)

Mercy Corps has been working with local NGOs in Bangladesh since 2018 to provide humanitarian assistance, including Rohingya refugees and Bangladeshis in host communities. Teams are stationed throughout the region and ready to provide water, food, and shelter where needed most.


UNICEF USA (EIN 13-1760110)

UNICEF has prepositioned emergency supplies to meet emergency needs, including water, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, and child protection. Field staff are also standing by to deploy to affected areas.


World Vision International (EIN 95-3202116)

Disaster management teams are in place in India and Bangladesh and ready to deploy when and where needed. World Vision staff have also assisted communities to activate disaster preparedness plans, focused on the needs of the most vulnerable.