February 12, 2021

Five Things to Know about NPT GivingPoint

Author National Philanthropic Trust

A Conversation with Chris Adams, SVP of IT Solutions and Cybersecurity

NPT GivingPoint, our new online donor portal, offers an enhanced user experience that aligns with the expectations of NPT: responsive, innovative and secure.

The improved platform is the result of a two-year development and implementation project to improve donor experience, and to leverage technology to make giving easier than ever with an NPT Donor-Advised Fund (DAF).

We sat down with Chris Adams, NPT’s Senior Vice President of IT Solutions and Cybersecurity, to learn more about what the release of NPT GivingPoint means for donors:

1. NPT GivingPoint has a bright, bold new look.

The first thing you’ll notice is that NPT GivingPoint has a much bolder, modern look. Beyond the colors and the eye-catching headers, Adams notes that the new structure will ensure that the portal looks good no matter how you access it. “It’s built to be mobile-responsive,” Adams notes. “All aspects of the site adapt as you navigate throughout the site, and will display correctly on all screen sizes.”

2. The new platform is faster than ever before.

To better serve busy donors giving on the go, NPT GivingPoint is built using modern APIs (Application Program Interfaces). These allow the new portal to communicate more efficiently with the database where the data is stored for managing a DAF. While the old portal had to “make a different call” to the database with every click, the new API gives the portal direct access to the information a user is looking for. “Once you’re logged in, all interactions on the site are instant,” says Adams.

3. Pages have been reorganized to help you use your DAF more easily.

The new layout is designed to be intuitive for new and returning users alike. “We improved the structure and hierarchy of the site to make it easier to see where things are located,” says Adams. In addition to the menus being reorganized, pages have also been restructured for ease of use. Online forms like grant recommendations now have left-hand navigation bars that present all the steps in clear order and check each step off as the user completes them. This allows users to focus on the task at hand while also easily seeing what comes next, or to jump back to a prior step if they need to make a change before submitting.

4. You’ll have greater access to philanthropic resources.

In addition to improving form and function, NPT GivingPoint integrates more resources for developing charitable strategy and focus. An “Explore NPT GivingPoint” page offers step-by-step instructions for common donor portal processes. Additionally, a reconfigured “Forms/Resources” page offers links and PDFs providing information about policies and procedures, articles, blog posts and white papers about giving trends and strategies.

5. Now, you can manage your DAF more independently—with more functionality to come.

The new functionality allows donors an even greater level of independence and speed in using their NPT DAF. “You can register, open an account, submit a credit card recommendation, and recommend a grant to a charity, all in one place—in as little as ten minutes,” says Adams.

He notes that while this rebrand is the culmination of years of work, it’s only the beginning: “This is a new platform, not just a new look—enabling us to add more new, exciting features in the future.”

We are excited to bring this platform to you. Log on to NPT GivingPoint today to experience the new and improved donor portal. Current donors can use their existing login credentials to access their accounts and new donors can register immediately.

You can also log on to nptrust.org/nptgivingpoint to watch a video and read more about the new portal.

If you have any questions about NPT GivingPoint, please contact us at npt@nptrust.org.

Christopher Adams is the Senior Vice President of IT Solutions and Cybersecurity. He is responsible for managing NPT’s technology, project management team and business process improvements. He also drives system selection to support NPT’s mission and serve NPT’s donors, partners and staff.


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