October 12, 2022

Generosity is Always in Season: How to Give in 2022

Author Matthew B. Rovi, SVP, Institutional Partnerships and Experiences

Giving Season in the nonprofit world typically begins in late autumn and continues through the holidays and year-end. It is estimated that about a third of all charitable giving takes place in November and December. But there’s no need to confine your generosity to the final weeks of 2022. Giving early and giving generously to your favorite charities will be welcome this year. Since the debut of NPT’s new Grant Payments solution with PayPal, funding from your donor-advised fund can arrive almost instantly.

Your grant recommendations will make a difference this year. Here are a few things to keep in mind this 2022 Giving Season.

Reflect on the Year

Take some time to reflect on 2022. It was another year of tremendous change, and the past year’s major events can help serve as useful source of philanthropic inspiration for donors. There are areas of need everywhere from the geopolitical world stage to your community.

Consider Small and Local Organizations

Small and local nonprofits are often in an excellent position to assess community needs and as a result, many punch far above their weight. A standard grant to a national organization might be transformative to a local group. Additionally, in an inflationary and uncertain economic environment, smaller organizations are typically more vulnerable to shocks. Human services organizations that deal in tangible goods like food, clothing, diapers and other essentials could certainly use an increased donation this season.

Practice Trust-Based Philanthropy

This Giving Season is an opportunity to try out trust-based philanthropy, taking a step from patron to partner. A key element of trust-based philanthropy is unrestricted grantmaking. Donors who choose to give unrestricted or general operating funds (some 70% of NPT’s donors last year) help provide nonprofits with increased flexibility, allowing them to invest in new program areas, retain key staff or expand their mission. Donor transparency and proactivity are also key ingredients in trust-based philanthropy, as more donors are willing to engage on a continual basis with the causes and organizations they care about most.

Expand Your Philanthropic Horizons—or Zero in On Your Favorite Causes

The world has changed since this time last year, and it is likely that your philanthropic interests, priorities and aspirations have evolved right along with it. You may have discovered a new cause, passion or project you wish to support, or made a pledge or commitment to an appeal earlier in the year. Now it’s time to act.

Giving Season is an excellent opportunity to seek out new organizations and causes to support. Family gatherings and holidays are a natural venue for conversation. Donors can draw inspiration from their friends’ and family’s charitable interests, match a colleague’s donation or honor a loved one with a grant.

Of course, providing consistent support to tried-and-true charities is also important. This might be the year to double down on your impact on your top causes. If you’d like to further hone a giving philosophy or approach, NPT has also developed a few resources and exercises to get donors started with a philanthropic strategy.

Keep Year-End Grantmaking and Contribution Deadlines in Mind

In order for NPT to review, approve and send grant payments in 2022, we ask that you:

  • Enter grant recommendations by 11:59 p.m. ET on December 19. Approved grants will be distributed on or before December 30.

If you hope to have your grant recommendation approved in 2022 with grant payments sent early in 2023, we ask that you:

  • Enter grant recommendation by 11:59 p.m. ET on December 23. Grants approved in 2022 will be distributed on or before January 5, 2023.

Donors may enter grant recommendations through the online donor portal.

Contribution deadlines for 2022 can be found here.

Whatever your charitable strategy and priorities, it is important to take a mindful and active approach to your year-end grantmaking. It is also crucial that donors and advisors alike remain mindful of relevant grantmaking and contribution deadlines so that donors’ favorite nonprofits can benefit from their generosity.