November 28, 2023

GivingTuesday 2023: How to Enliven Your Generosity this Giving Season

Author National Philanthropic Trust

Seeking to inspire radical generosity worldwide, each GivingTuesday, since its inception in 2012, has promoted and celebrated acts of generosity, big and small. Active in more than 300 hundred communities worldwide and with 90 national movements, GivingTuesday serves as a reminder to all that even a single act of generosity has the potential to change a life for the better.

Last year, NPT donors were part of the 35 million Americans who contributed to a phenomenal GivingTuesday. For the first time in its history, online donations in the U.S. exceeded $1 billion, representing 20 million donors. But GivingTuesday is about engaging with radical generosity in a variety of ways, so not only did people donate, but an estimated 10 million individuals put their boots to the ground and volunteered.

This GivingTuesday—November 28, 2023—will undoubtedly see NPT donors embodying their mission of generosity once again. As your partner in giving, we’ve compiled a few ideas to help you reinvigorate your generosity this GivingTuesday and beyond.

Mindful giving:

Consider this year’s events to ensure your giving is relevant.

For example, support for disaster relief and recovery tends to decrease substantially and steadily once images of the event are no longer a constant in the news cycle. It’s worth thinking back through the year to see if there is an event you had forgotten that you would like to include in your giving. If the prospect of thinking through an eventful year like 2023 feels overwhelming, try speaking with family and friends to see if there was something that stood out to the philanthropist in them over the past year.

Consider the impact of inflation on nonprofits.

The role of rising inflation has been a consistent theme across the nonprofit sector in recent years and may continue to affect nonprofits’ work for the foreseeable future. With every dollar not stretching quite as far as it used to, a gift made this year may not have the same impact as a similarly sized gift had last year or the year before. Taking this factor into account when planning your giving can help you maximize your charitable impact this GivingTuesday and throughout the Giving Season.

Engage with your friends and family:

Volunteer with your family and friends not only on GivingTuesday, but regularly.

Volunteerism across the board has decreased over the past few decades and has yet to bounce back from pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, the need is still significant. Volunteering time, resources or network connections on GivingTuesday can enable you to forge a deeper connection to the nonprofits and causes you care about that will carry far beyond a single day. GivingTuesday references VolunteerMatch as an excellent resource for anyone seeking volunteering opportunities.

Collaborate on gifts with family and friends to maximize impact.

Whether it is pooling funds or using network connections, multiple people coming together to support a cause may achieve a greater impact than one person alone. A giving circle may be the right tool for yourself, along with family and friends, to make the most of your collective charitable power.

GivingTuesday has also provided helpful ideas and toolkits for individuals, nonprofits and community organizations, businesses and brands and more who want to join in the spirit of generosity.

This GivingTuesday, it’s important to remember that giving is always in season. Whether you donate, volunteer or give voice to the causes you’re passionate about, a kind act often begets another, and your generosity can have an impact far beyond what you can imagine in the moment.

About the Author

Andrea Rush is Senior Vice President of Philanthropic Solutions and has more than 20 years of experience providing philanthropic solutions and handling all aspects of specialized grantmaking services, including direct international grants and grant agreements. Ms. Rush is responsible for the oversight of NPT’s various philanthropic vehicles such as Supporting Organizations and Special Projects.