December 14, 2021

How to Provide Relief to Those Impacted by the December Tornado Outbreak in the U.S.

Author Joan Allmaras, Philanthropic Services Specialist

Over the weekend, at least 50 tornadoes were reported across Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee. Nearly 75 people were killed in Kentucky alone, and hundreds more are missing. Hundreds of people across the Midwest and South lost their homes, and thousands more could be without power for up to a month.

For donors that are moved to help, but are unsure where to start, the non-exhaustive list below is provided as a resource. When recommending a grant, please indicate “December Tornado Relief” as the purpose of your grant to ensure that the organization correctly designates your gift. We encourage donors to research all organizations prior to entering a grant recommendation.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy (EIN 45-5257937)

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s Disaster Recovery Fund will support medium-term to long-term recovery efforts in areas affected by the tornadoes. The fund will be used to fill gaps left by other recovery funding and to provide financial support when and where it is needed most, especially for vulnerable populations.

Blood Assurance (EIN 62-0842419)

Blood Assurance is a regional blood bank serving hospitals in Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as other locations across the South. The organization operates in 12 locations, in addition to 16 bloodmobiles, and is working to address the critical need for blood supplies in the areas most affected by the recent tornadoes.

Community Foundation of West Kentucky (EIN 61-1304905)

The Community Foundation of West Kentucky has established the West Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund to support the immediate and long-term recovery efforts in communities across western Kentucky.

Edwardsville Community Foundation (EIN 36-7146151)

In Edwardsville, Illinois, the Edwardsville Community Foundation has activated its ECF Relief Fund. Contributions to the fund will be used to assist recovery efforts in the Edwardsville community.

Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland (EIN 61-1043635)

Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland provides food to individuals and families in need across 42 counties in central, south central and western Kentucky. The organization has partnered with other disaster relief agencies to ensure that emergency food distribution quickly reaches those in need.

Kentucky Humane Society (EIN 61-0463938)

The Kentucky Humane Society is assisting affected animal shelters in the Mayfield area. In response to the disaster, the organization has adapted its main office in Louisville into an emergency shelter hub, ensuring that animals from affected communities are cared for.

Operation BBQ Relief (EIN 45-2442792)

Based in Missouri, Operation BBQ Relief provides hot meals to communities affected by natural disasters and first responders. It has deployed a team of cooks and mobile barbecue pits and kitchens to Mayfield, Kentucky.

Team Rubicon (EIN 27-1720480)

Working closely with local officials, Team Rubicon has sent teams to Benton and Mayfield, Kentucky to assist with search and rescue efforts, clearing trees and other debris from roadways and restoring access to homes in the area. Additional response teams are being prepared to assist in Bowling Green and Dawson Springs, Kentucky, in the coming days and weeks.

Joan Allmaras is a Philanthropic Solutions Specialist at NPT. She produces tailored, in-depth research on specific issues and geographic areas of interest to NPT’s donors. Ms. Allmaras holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of San Diego and a Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.

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