April 21, 2015

Rad Girl Awards

Author Eileen R. Heisman, ACFRE, Founding President and CEO

I am honored to be the first-ever Rad Girls’ Educator of the Year. The Rad Girl Awards were held in Philadelphia earlier this month as part of Philly Tech Week. The Rad Girls’ goal to empower women is an inspiring one. I was beyond honored that teaching a graduate course for almost ten years at University of Pennsylvania is worthy of recognition.

Philanthropy from all angles—from making an online donation to understanding how major gifts transpire—embraces a body of knowledge. Each year students show up in the classroom eager to learn more about the independent sector and how social capital moves from individuals to mission-driven organizations.

Ten percent of the United States work force is employed by nonprofits. The work we do is compelling, interesting, inspiring and important. I am proud to play a small role in shaping the next generation of nonprofit leaders and delighted to be among the first Rad Girls.

Photo: Presenter and former student, Lansie Sylvia, presents Eileen Heisman with the Rad Girls' Educator of the Year Award.
Christopher Fascenelli/Rad-Girls.com