November 22, 2018

What makes us grateful?

Author Melissa Landsmann, Assistant VP of Human Resources

As we celebrate Thanksgiving today, NPT would like to thank our partners in giving. We have experienced two decades of growth, innovation and change, made possible by the inspiring generosity of our donors, the forward-thinking strategy of our Board members and, especially, the dedication of our hardworking staff. That collective commitment to NPT is what propels our global impact and helps us realize our mission.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we asked our staff a question. Below are their answers.

What makes you grateful to work at National Philanthropic Trust?

Donors who inspire us every day with their generosity 

Teammates who go above and beyond, and lift the whole team up in doing so 


Problem-solving internal processes 

Getting to teach financial advisors how to help clients be strategic with their philanthropy

Supportive managers 

The donor who opened a DAF for his bride-to-be as a wedding gift! #couplegoals 

Amazing colleagues who are all dedicated to philanthropy and organizational success 

The donor and grants stories we tell before each staff meeting; they tie my efforts (which are removed from daily donor contact) to the overall reason we are all here

The kindest and most patient IT department of all time

Flexible work schedules 

Working for an organization that looks forward instead of backward, planning for the future without forgetting its roots

Good healthcare that keeps me and my family well 

Talking to donors and hearing their stories 

Coworkers who make every effort to let each other know their contributions are appreciated 

That good ideas are welcomed, no matter where you sit on the org chart

Staff who have great compassion and also great senses of humor 

Lots of light and windows in our beautiful office space 

A culture of giving that includes NPT’s Giving Back program to encourage employee charitable giving and volunteerism

Summer Staff Olympics, Giving Season merriment and bottomless cups of coffee!  

Colleagues who know how to laugh no matter how stressful the situation

Free massages 

A dedicated group of remote staff who stay engaged no matter the distance—from San Francisco to London!—and the technology support that keeps us so easily connected

The “can do” attitude that our staff embodies

Visionary leaders who evolve NPT to offer the most flexible and innovative services to our donors and partners, and who keep us on an upward growth trajectory 

Coworkers who genuinely care about everyone!