April 11, 2018

Where NPT donors gave in 2017

Author National Philanthropic Trust

NPT works with some of the world’s most generous and inspired philanthropists. Every year I am amazed and humbled by how dedicated our donors are to the causes they embrace. It’s not just the dollar amount that they grant from their donor-advised funds, which is always impressive, but also the vast range of causes they support. Over the past year, we’ve made grants to advance cancer research, fund arts programs in schools, rebuild homes in hurricane-impacted areas, assist low-income students with college applications and much more. I am proud that together we help increase philanthropy in society, from tackling overwhelmingly large problems like poverty on an international scale to supporting small charities that serve hyperlocal communities.

In 2017, our donors made 36,930 grants totaling $905 million to charities in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as 36 other countries. Of these, 6,120 grants totaling $177 million were granted to charities in New York, the state to receive the largest volume and dollar amount of grants. Our largest grant was more than $37 million and our smallest grants were $250, NPT’s minimum grant size.

Our donors go the extra mile to find creative ways to maximize their charitable impact. For example, last year, one donor committed to a multi-year grant that will provide millions of dollars each year to expand a vaccination program around the world. By using NPT’s grant agreement expertise, the donor can provide a reliable source of financial support to the charity, as well as helps it expand the number of people it serves.