January 20, 2012

Women in Philanthropy

Author National Philanthropic Trust

Bank of America just released its 2011 Study of High-Net Worth Women’s Philanthropy. For years, women have been known as active volunteers. But their charitable giving has long trailed the amount given by men, as women often mirror their spouse’s philanthropy.

This study highlights how things are shifting. As women’s presence in the work place, and in turn their personal earned income, increases, they are taking charge of their philanthropy in new ways.

I found it particularly interesting—though unsurprising after 25 years in this business—that women are more likely than men to map out a giving strategy and budget; less likely to tolerate risk with their philanthropic assets; and more willing to diversify the charitable organizations that receive their support from year to year.

With women becoming more involved in philanthropy, they’re not just changing who is giving, but how.

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