Supporting Organizations

Giving donors more control than a DAF and less administrative work than a foundation.

NPT can facilitate a Type 1 supporting organization, which offers the same tax advantage as a donor-advised fund. Supporting organizations are a popular choice for philanthropists who want more control over grantmaking and investments than a donor-advised fund, but less expense and administrative burden than a private foundation.

Many supporting organizations are created with a specific issue area in mind. To achieve those goals, NPT’s expert staff can execute specialized grants, including research grants with benchmarks for funding, endowed chairs at universities and other institutions, or naming rights to a building. NPT facilitates several supporting organizations, including:

Saint Agatha Foundation

Support, comfort, and care


The Saint Agatha Foundation—founded by Laurie Mezzalingua, pictured above—is dedicated to providing financial assistance to breast cancer patients in Central New York State to cover a range of costs for treatment and recovery. NPT can be your guide in creating a valuable charitable giving vehicle that helps you pursue your philanthropic interests meaningfully and effectively. NPT offers supporting organizations a variety of services.


  • May have its own investment policy
  • May create its own grant guidelines and giving plans
  • Has no limits on further generations of successor advisors to the fund
  • Receives the full deduction for charitable gifts
  • Is exempt from all private foundation excise taxes and administrative requirements
  • Can grant independently or through a donor-advised fund