For more than a decade, National Philanthropic Trust has fostered charitable giving as the sponsor and administrator of the UBS Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). NPT is proud to continue to work with UBS advisors and their clients, now under the name of NPT Donor-Advised Fund.


As always, NPT approaches its work to support advisors with innovation, collaboration and versatility. NPT continues to provide charitable giving support to help donors support the causes they care about and achieve their philanthropic goals.


Why NPT?

Benefits for all donors:

– Low initial minimum contribution of $10,000

– Streamlined, online account management

– Responsive Donor Relations Team

➜  Read more about NPT DAF accounts

Additional benefits for donors with segregated accounts:

– Customized solutions to complex giving and investment situations

– The ability to have your financial advisor recommend a custom investment strategy, with a wide range of pre-approved asset classes

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.How a Donor-Advised Fund Works

Tools and Resources

DAF Insights Series

Strategy brochures for donors:

Essentials of Year-End Giving 2022 (NEW)

Defining Your Philanthropic Strategy

 Empowered Giving Through Non-Cash Contributions

 Planning a Charitable Legacy

➜  Charitable Strategies for Business Transitions

➜  Charitable Strategies for Restricted and Control Stock

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GivingPoint Resources

• Explore your new donor portal: GivingPoint

• Read about GivingPoint’s functions and features: Experience a Better Way to Give

• Learn how to open a new DAF with GivingPoint: How to Open a DAF Online


Additional Resources for Advisors

• Find the NPT professional in your region: See map

• Review the guidelines for contributing illiquid assets: Learn more



Tips for Charitable Giving