Our Curated Menu of Impact Investments

For donors interested in customized impact investments, National Philanthropic Trust offers a curated menu of pre-approved private investment options. These investments—researched and selected in partnership with CapShift—seek specific social, economic or environmental impacts in addition to financial returns. The loan funds provide capital to companies, non-profits and individuals and offer one- to five-year investment terms. Private equity and venture funds invest in companies, real estate and infrastructure projects and have investment horizons of typically 10 years or more. Other open-ended funds make long-term investments, but allow for redemptions. These private funds invest in innovative new products and solutions to global challenges and aid social enterprises to scale their operations and impact on their local communities.

NPT and CapShift can aid you in determining the appropriate investments for your area of impact focus, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. For additional details about these investment options or to get started in this unique offering, please fill out the form here.


Global Small and Medium Business Loan Fund
Impact Sector: Financial Services
Drive economic growth in underserved communities around the world. This private debt fund provides credit and short-term capital to small- and medium-size businesses, which enables them to expand and better serve their communities.

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund
Impact Sector: Economic Development
Extend affordable homes, quality jobs, childcare and community services to low- and moderate-income populations in New Hampshire. This community loan fund provides loans for individuals, small businesses and community services with a primary focus on affordable housing.

Root Capital – Senior Impact Notes
Impact Sector: Economic Development
Give farmers a path to prosperity in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. This impact-focused loan fund supports smallholder farmers by providing affordable loans to their principal buyers to invest in facilities, equipment and transportation.

Criminal Justice Fund
Impact Sector: Social Justice
Advance enterprises that work to reduce the damage caused by the criminal justice system. This venture capital fund invests in operations that seek to prevent reentry, reduce suffering and support individuals with opportunities to succeed.

Education Technology Fund
Impact Sector: Education
Drive economic mobility by improving education and employment outcomes for underserved populations. This private equity fund invests in, and helps scale, evidence-based education and workforce technologies that increase positive outcomes for underserved populations.

Healthy Communities Fund
Impact Sector: Affordable Housing
Invest in distressed real-estate opportunities to revitalize communities, improve health, and generate positive neighborhood outcomes. This minority-led real estate investment firm buys, rehabilitates and manages residential and mixed-use buildings in low-income neighborhoods.


MCE Global Economic Opportunity Notes
Impact Sector: Microfinance/Financial Services
Create jobs, increase household savings, and supply energy and clean water for women and rural communities in emerging markets. This impact-focused fund provides loans to microfinance institutions and small and emerging businesses, many of which have been negatively impacted by Covid-19. The notes are backed by a ratio of 2:1 in philanthropic guarantees, which MCE can draw upon in the event of a loan default.

Empower India Fund
Impact Sector: Economic Development
Advance financial inclusion, support the needs of small businesses, maximize access to affordable education and upskilling and improve agricultural supply chains across India. This women-led, private equity fund invests in entrepreneur-led business models providing essential services and products to underserved customer segments and enterprises.


Global Clean Energy Fund
Impact Sector: Renewable Energy
Support the clean energy transition across Southeast Asia. This global fund provides financing to developers and sponsors to develop clean energy and renewable energy projects throughout Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Global Aquaculture Fund
Impact Sector: Aquaculture
Redesign our global food system by investing in the future of aquaculture. This private equity fund invests in sustainable aquaculture farms and solution providers to advance a smart and sustainable alternative to wild fisheries.


Business Interruption Loan Fund
Impact Sector: Financial Services
Help social enterprises in the U.S. and globally overcome unexpected disruption and lost revenue by providing emergency financing. This private loan fund offers bridge financing and longer-term loans to help companies particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and prioritizes the social impact of borrowers in its investment decision process.

Calvert Impact Capital’s Community Investment Note
Impact Sector: Global Development
Channel capital to organizations that advance an equitable and sustainable world. Proceeds from this community investment note are used to finance organizations and funds that work in under-resourced communities to address climate change and improve access to quality affordable housing, healthcare, education, income and wealth-building opportunities and other critical community services.

Affordable & Quality Housing Fund
Impact Sector: Affordable & Quality Housing
Provide quality affordable housing for underserved individuals. This real estate fund seeks to improve the lives of tenants, foster a sense of community, encourage inclusion and promote education and job opportunities for those in the community.

NOTE: As these funds do not trade on public exchanges, they cannot be sold for immediate liquidity for grantmaking. However, some funds listed above provide for quarterly redemptions. Please inquire regarding the terms of each fund in question. For donors seeking values-aligned impact investments with immediate liquidity for grantmaking, NPT offers four thematic impact portfolios — Equity and Inclusion, Gender Lens, Environmental Stewardship, and Broad Social Impact.

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