Impact Investments

Impact investing gives donors the chance to advance their philanthropic goals by investing in projects that generate a positive social return in addition to a financial one.

Impact investments’ double bottom line allows donors to accrue funds on a socially beneficial investment, which can then be re-invested and re-granted. The structure of impact investments varies, and possibilities for causes to support are virtually limitless. NPT has provided impact investment options since 2011 to help donors align their values and their investment selections.


NPT’s Impact Investment Offering

In recognition of our donors’ desire to maximize their charitable impact, NPT offers six exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on our DAF investment menu. Each of these ETFs address a range of social and environmental issue areas including low-carbon emissions, global education and labor management. ETFs work particularly well with DAFs because of their low cost, low risk, and high liquidity. Learn more about NPT’s ETF offering here.

NPT also offers impact investment notes, which allow donors to select from a range of maturity dates, minimum dollar thresholds and themes. For example, donors can invest in a 3-month note that focuses on food and agriculture, or a 2-year note that focuses on affordable housing.


Get Started

NPT is proud to offer an impact investment platform as a way to provide our donors with an opportunity to maximize their charitable impact in line with their greatest values. To recommend that your donor-advised fund assets be invested in NPT’s impact investments, please follow these simple steps:

  • If you would like to invest in NPT’s Impact ETFs, please complete the Investment Allocation Form and indicate your selections under “Option 3: Personal Giving Strategy.”
  • If you would like to invest in NPT’s Impact Notes, please complete the Impact Investment Allocation Form in addition to the Investment Allocation Form.
  • Donors with a donor-advised fund account balance above $500,000 may recommend alternative investments, subject to NPT’s review and approval. If you are interested in investing your donor-advised fund assets in impact strategies outside of NPT’s current standard offerings, please contact us at (888) 878-7900.
Get strategic with your giving.