November 16, 2022

GivingTuesday 2022: Make This Your Most Generous Season Yet

Author Andrea Rush, Senior Vice President of Philanthropic Solutions

On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, GivingTuesday will celebrate its tenth anniversary. In that time, the grassroots holiday and celebration of generosity has successfully entered the parade of shopping-related events (and occasional chaos) that occurs in the week after Thanksgiving.

For donors and nonprofit organizations, this is good news. The day has become a fixture for fundraisers. Last year, GivingTuesday estimated that donors worldwide provided $2.7 billion to charitable causes in one day—NPT’s donors contributed more than 1,200 grants to add a combined $8 million to those efforts.

Whether it’s your first year taking part or you want to know how to make your donations go further this year, National Philanthropic Trust remains your partner in giving—on GivingTuesday and throughout the 2022 Giving Season.

Here are our tips for making this Giving Tuesday an especially generous one.

Start Your GivingTuesday Planning Now

We are still a few weeks away from the day itself, as well as the rest of the busy 2022 holiday season, but it’s never too early to start planning ahead. Whether it’s deciding where you want to give with your donor-advised fund (DAF), or coordinating a collaborative gift with friends, family or colleagues, it’s always good to have a clear vision of the impact you want to make in advance. If you have your organizations picked out now, you can even schedule grants in NPT GivingPoint to transfer on GivingTuesday—look for the “Payment Date Choice” option when entering a grant recommendation.

The day is a great opportunity to try something new in your charitable giving. Perhaps this year you want to support a new local organization, set up a recurring grant schedule for the upcoming year, or double down on your charitable commitments with a transformative, unrestricted grant. Many nonprofits also run GivingTuesday campaigns with matching fund commitments, challenges and other special events. Get in touch with your favorite cause today and see what their plans are for GivingTuesday and how you and your DAF can help them.

By having a strategy in place, you can create smart, achievable goals and reach them in time for GivingTuesday.

Share the GivingTuesday Spirit with Others

Once the day arrives, spread the word about your favorite causes through social media. Social networks and email are great places to share your story and inspire others. When you use the hashtag #GivingTuesday on major social platforms you can help reach a global audience and turn philanthropy into a trending topic. If you feel moved to, share your testimony and the reasons behind your support. We’re all motivated to give for different reasons, but personal stories have a way of resonating with us and inspiring further giving.

Many organizations also organize volunteer opportunities or donation drives on the day itself. This is an excellent opportunity to join a community event, learn about new organizations in your area and serve the community through volunteerism and action as well as philanthropic commitments.

Go Beyond GivingTuesday

While November’s GivingTuesday is a key event, the day’s organizers have in recent years been adamant that giving back ought to be a year-round activity. #GivingEveryTuesday is an initiative to keep personal generosity and philanthropy top of mind on a weekly basis, no matter the season.

November’s big event is a highlight for nonprofits around the world, but it’s also only a starting point. There are many ways to give beyond financial resources; nonprofits today benefit from donors’ time in the form of volunteering or board service, their connections, their advocacy, testimony, social capital and so much more. Donors, nonprofits and others can use the momentum of the end-of-year season to promote giving year-round, and as a prelude to a year of generosity and involvement to come.

About the Author

Andrea Rush is Senior Vice President of Philanthropic Solutions and has more than 20 years of experience providing philanthropic solutions and handling all aspects of specialized grantmaking services, including direct international grants and grant agreements. Ms. Rush is responsible for the oversight of NPT’s various philanthropic vehicles such as Supporting Organizations and Special Projects.